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Robert Parada Zuluaga

⚡️ Give a problem and let's built a solution!

I believe in technology as an engine of economic and social development. After pleasant experiences in strategic positions, I co-founded COCO: a company that trust on Artificial Intelligence to increase the efficiency of LA, and save lives working hand by hand with more than 100 medical center in more than 15 different cities.

My History

I am the son of an army colonel, I had a hard formation that has not been easy, although it has helped me to build character and overcome obstacles that are included when you create a company in a country with a dark past.

My mother, a woman full of love, has taught me about life value. She invites me to create the impossible for the benefit of our society.

My parents, two extremes, have been the perfect mix to create who I am today: a brave, risky, strong human being and at the same time an entrepreneur with enough love to transform a world full of challenges and lives to save.

When my father left the army, my family's finances were not the same. We were never hungry but I had to work to get the things I wanted to have. So at school I used to sell whatever my friends needed. From books to fashion accessories. In need my entrepreneurial desire was formed. I learned about the value of money, investment, capital and profits. I created several companies that failed, party companies, catering, even imports of technological products from China. Each failure was a step to see the light.

Due to my experience at my young age, the Government showed me as a young reference in the media, I went on to give speeches in public and private schools. I was always that child who inspired others to be great. I have touched many lives positively.

In college I stood out as a student leader within a group called "Management Projection". There I founded the ​​human management area that remains as the backbone of organizational development and culture. Thanks to this, I was awarded with a leadership scholarship at EAFIT University.

When I had to do the internship of my university degree, I did it as a manager of a Samsung franchise in Bangalore India. There I led 13 people at 21 years old. It was a very challenging job but I managed to instill in them a culture of service and passion for work.

Upon returning to my country, I worked for the Colombian government for three years, articulating social transformation projects. My job was to synthesize the impact of the projects when they were inaugurated for the public, such as hospitals, schools, roads and universities. This job taught me about investment and social impact, which led me to create my current company COCO.

Today, COCO has a great impact on the dignity and access to health, it's the result of efforts by many people who want to transform the world with technology and tell the world that it is possible to rise from the ashes. From violence to high innovation. That is the message we want to give to the world with Forbes.


I'm always looking for new and exciting synergies.

 Let's connect.

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